Stefan Luszczak is a landscape artist who originally studied sculpture at Central School of Art, London but has in recent years moved more into print-making and painting. Having concentrated on monoprinting for a while, he started to apply paint to the surface of the print and consequently became more fascinated by both colour and texture. He made a conscious decision to then strip away certain areas of the canvas in order to reveal earlier marks and visual ideas.

Seeing the importance of the juxtaposition of colour, he started to look at how it changes when being diffused through water, stained glass and the landscape. His most recent work has become particularly concerned with reflected light and colour and the abstract forms and patterns they create. This also varies according to the different settings, seasons and times of the day when he paints. He likes to work from photographs but also in the surrounding Essex, Cambridgeshire and Irish countryside mainly because of the special quality of light in these areas. He especially likes to work towards the end of the day when the light can change quickly and dramatically or when the weather changes to create very different light and skies.

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